LahLah Workshop: Chaturanga And Vinyasas

31st Jan 10.30am-12.00pm

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LahLah's first Birthday Class!

Sunday 14th June, 7pm, Golden Bay, Malta

LahLah Yoga turns one this June: a year that's been full of balancing, flying, stretching, bending, twisting, breathing and, most importantly, laughing. 
To celebrate with new and old yogis I will be hosting a first birthday sunset class on the beach at Golden Bay, the class will be free with the option to donate to SOS Malta helping them to rebuild a village in Nepal. 

Come One, Come All, Come Move 
Move More, Move Often
This Is Your Life, Your Movement, Your Time
Become The Happier, Healthier, Glow-ier You

Class is open to everyone, let's start this second year together with a bang!
See you on the mat, 
LahLah xx

P.S. Please bring a mat if you have one, or a towel. I do have some mats but maybe not enough so first come first serve!

Pause // Play // Malta

October 2015 

A modern laid back escape from frantic city life, take this long weekend break in the heart of the Mediterranean and give yourself time to Pause // think late mornings, gentle stretching, deep breathing and massage // and Play // think lazy afternoons by the pool and time to explore the awesome island of Malta and warm nights to check out the cuisine, bars and nightlife.  Tell me more!