LahLah Advent Challenge: Day 1

Happy December! 

This year I have decided to create an advent challenge! Instead of eating ourselves silly full of chocolate let's take care of ourselves and our loved ones too, and spread smiles and laughter!

The rules are: there are no rules! If you'd like to follow please do, if you do I'd love to hear about it so do post and tag me @lisalahlahyoga and #lahlahadventchallenge but you can also follow quietly. You can do one day and then skip five, you can do everyday (which would be great :-) ) but it's totally up to you! There are no prizes, this is just some fun to spread some joy, peace and happiness! 

So here goes! Day 1 of the #lahlahadventchallenge is to just breathe. Simple as that, just sit and breathe deeply for a few minutes and let your mind relax and see how you feel. For a moment, just be. Let go of all your to-do lists and being a human-doer and just become a human-being for a few minutes. It's crazy how often we actually forget to breathe and how shallow we breathe when we're busy and stressed. Notice how good it feels as you begin to deepen the exhales and lengthen the inhales. 

Simples :-)