LahLah classes are open, friendly & challenging if you want them to be! 

My aim is not to teach you handstand (even though that can be fun) but the main thing I would like you to gain from practicing with me is to learn how to come back to yourself after a stressful day & help you find peace & space within which helps to make everything manageable again.

I very much look forward to sharing with you the knowledge I have gained from my yoga trainings, personal practice & from India!

Vinyasa Flow

This class consists of breath synchronised flow sequences. It can be a little faster paced, and will create freedom and space within the body, tone muscles and burn calories. Although this can be quite a physically demanding class, we also take the time to give your body a little bit of love and care. There is a 5-10 minute relaxation at the end of class. ALL levels welcome as long as you have a reasonable level of fitness. This class will help detoxify and re-energise.


This class will explore the individual postures in more detail, as we will be challenged to hold the poses for longer. During this class I invite you to take some time for yourself: to move your body and start to connect to the breath, using the breath to calm the mind and the body, and to help you glow. We take time to make space in this busy world we live in. There is a 5-10 minute relaxation at the end of class. This is a great class for anybody new to yoga, but all levels are welcome.

Flow & Restore Class

This class begins with flowing, breath-led movement to warm our bodies up, create some freedom and space and will then lead into a more restful, restorative and supported poses. We can hold the restorative poses for between 3-5 minutes and in that time we focus on the breath and slowly allowing our bodies to release deep tension in our tissues and just be held by our props. It is a wonderfully balanced practice of movement, and stillness.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a passive, slow paced style of yoga holding postures for between 3-5 minutes, it targets the deep connective tissues as opposed to the superficial muscles targeted in dynamic yoga. Yin is the process of letting go, it helps to increase flexibility and also calm & quieten the mind. It is a great practice to counterbalance the heat-building, strengthening aspects of any more dynamic activities, not just yoga, but also running, swimming and many more. It is extremely beneficial for injury prevention and joint health. All levels welcome.

All classes incorporate breathing techniques & alignment, and aim to draw attention to the philosophy of yoga, as well as the beauty and benefits of asana. Regardless of your level of experience - beginner to advanced, LahLah classes make you feel like you have worked out tension, removed stress, & leave you with the peaceful yoga vibe.