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Prenatal classes are run in blocks of 6 weeks, the next block starts on Tuesday 3rd April - 8th May at 10am, the price for the 6 weeks is €75. 

*please note that I do have a very friendly little sausage dog, so if you are allergic to or afraid of dogs perhaps this class is not suitable for you*

For any queries please give me a call/ send me a message on 9996 9483

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I, the above named participant, understand that all practices are optional; I hereby waive any and all claims I have now or in the future against LahLah Yoga and my teacher. I take full responsibility for my body and my baby. If I feel dizziness or pain I shall stop the activity immediately and let my teacher know. If I have any doubts I will seek the advise of a medical professional before proceeding with the pregnancy yoga class. I agree that LahLah Yoga is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I am attending a class.