LahLah was set up in early 2014 with a vision to providing a space and time for you; to grow, to move, to soar, to fly and to bask in your own light. 

A LahLah class helps you develop physical strength, as well as a stillness within. It is a work out for the body, and a work in for the mind.

Like many good things, LahLah Yoga was named round a dinner table with good food, great friends and an excellent glass of wine. The name was derived from my initials (Lisa-Annabel Hladnik), and also happens to be an old childhood nickname (Lisa-Lah), which instantly had a warm, friendly ring to it. My yoga journey so far has been about un-doing all the stresses, both physical and mental stresses, of city working life and going back to basics within myself so the return to a childhood nickname seemed perfect. 

The LahLah logo was designed by the very talented graphic designer Ryan Shaw ( The logo is made up of eight lines which separately serve to represent the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga, and together they represent the union and harmony of body and mind, the ultimate aim of yoga. Union being one of the meanings of the Sanskrit word 'yuj', one of the roots of the word 'yoga'.