Yoga is an invitation...

  • an invitation to step out of this crazy world that we live in for a few moments & find some space for you.

  • an invitation to explore your breath & your body by moving & also finding stillness.

  • an invitation to calm your mind & care for your soul.


Yoga is an ancient practice that helps restore a sense of physical, mental & spiritual harmony. In the West, the most common way of doing this involves working with the physical body in order to bring it into a state of effortless ease to prevent it from distracting our mental calm. This is done by leading the body through a sequence of postures (asanas) combined with breathing techniques.

On a purely physical level, regular practice of yoga asanas can hugely improve your physical health by:

-building core strength & toning muscles

-improving flexibility & posture

-improving respiration, energy & vitality

-lowering blood pressure

-improving digestion & circulation and balancing your metabolism

-releasing toxins

-releasing tension & stress

-helping with weight loss

-promoting cardiovascular health

-keeping you young!

Aside from all these wonderful physical effects of yoga, yoga is not purely a physical work out, it's an art, a spiritual & emotional journey too. Yoga gives you the space and time to be you, an escape from to-do lists, kid’s needs, financial woes and the like. It allows stillness & balance in a world consumed with chaos.